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Patek Philippe Stephen S. Palmer

Patek Philippe Stephen S. Palmer

Must read: another stellar post by Longitude:

Small quote:

I think that 2013 is a continuation of a trend we have probably seen from 2008 or shortly later. No matter if you’re an experienced or novice collector, the times where shoppers are coming to just spend some money are over. You are dealing with 1000 bidders at an auction: online, written, on the telephone, and in the room. They know what they’re doing, so unless you’re an absolutely on-the-pulse-of-the-market scholar, you’ve already lost out on your position.

Rolex Explorer 1016 by Hodinkee

Rolex Explorer 1016 by Hodinkee

The recent Christie’s sale was quite mindblowing – I watched a good portion of it via the live stream at Christie’s website and was rather smitten by the results.

Whilst browsing I came across a nice read on about the auction – check it out at

Rolex 6236, 6236, 4113 by RPM

Rolex Killy, Killy, 4113 by RPR

And of course we can always count on globe-trotting Rolex specialist Philipp Stahl at RPR for a nice recap.. check it out at

Jazeker, we gaan de berichten hieronder nog uitwerken. Echter is tijd de laatste dagen een schaars goed geworden bij PoaG dus wat geduld aan uw kant van de kabel is vereist. We vertrouwen er op dat het goed komt. Geniet u in de tussentijd van -wederom, de oude links zullen we eerdaags ook plaatsen- een waanzinnig verslag van mr Steiner (aka P. Stahl) van de afgelopen Christie’s veiling op VRF!

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