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Rolex Day-Date 6612

Rolex Day-Date 6612

Spotted: rare and awesome Rolex Day-Date 6612.

IMHO sans doubt a 100% killer. The pink case, smooth bezel and stunning dial with claw markers are to die for.

Spotted at: .. Where else?


Rolex Day-Date 1802

Spotted: Rolex Day-Date 1802 with transitional dial / hands

This one is somewhat puzzling to me. I came across this example through Chrono24, searching for ‘1802’. However, this does not quite conform with the listed year of production – 1956. Still a great example though – the dial, with it’s easily¬†distinguishable engine-turning pattern and 6611 style markers is great, as are the matching hands. Either an early 1802 or a misnamed 6612 I’d care to guess.–id2146417.htm?query=1802&suchen=Search&dosearch=true&searchexplain=1&resultview=list&dosearch=true&urlSubpath=/search/index.htm